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We don't sell stuff... we provide solutions

The King Corporation has been in business for over 29 years, providing individually designed and customized solutions for a wide variety of businesses and governmental agencies.

Some of our products are very specialized, one of a kind solutions such as a customized call tracing system we created for a police department.  However, most of what we design and implement is specific to a particular type of business, industry, agency or need with features and functions that can be turned on or off to customize the solution to the way each individual installation needs to operate.

We take proven, existing technology and customize their use and function to fit a specific need.  The end result is a reliable, integrated, complete solution that works seamlessly to meet a particular need.  Over the past 25 plus years solutions provided by The King Corporation have gained a reputation of being innovative, task specific, comprehensive, affordable and easy to use.

Contact us to explore our customized solutions for Video Surveillance, Access Control, Long Range Wireless Networking, Notification Systems, Custom Software, Computer Systems, Networking, Service and Support as well as complete website services.

Video Surveillance 
Indoor, outdoor, normal light, no light, harsh environments or remote locations, The King Corporation can design, install, maintain and train you and your staff on the ideal video surveillance system for your situation.  There are a number of crucial steps to designing, installing, operating and maintaining a successful video surveillance system.  Don't waste your time or your money on a poorly designed or installed system.  The King Corporation has years of experience in evaluating our client's needs, location and expectations along with an ever expanding knowledge base and experience history with the rapidly changing and growing video surveillance industry.  Let us put that experience and knowledge to work for you to deliver a complete and integrated solution.  The video surveillance field is filled with lots of options and the adage of "you get what you pay for" rings true in this field.  Get your money's worth with a complete, professional and integrated video surveillance system from The King Corporation.


Access Control

Access Control
Whether you want to control one door or hundreds of doors, manage access for a few employees or thousands of employees, The King Corporation can design and implement the ideal access control system to meet your needs, and NO MORE KEYS. 

Industrial Wireless Networking

Industrial Wireless Networking
Forget struggling to get a decent and secure wireless connection that will be stable across the street or a few hundred feet.  We have industrial strength commercial grade wireless networking equipment that can give you solid links up to 30 miles. 

Notification Systems

Notification Systems
Need to be notified when the power goes out, temperature or humidity gets too high or low, there's water on the floor, doors are open, locks are left unlocked, motion has been detected or phone or internet has been lost?  The King Corporation designs customized notification systems to meet your needs and can alert you to problems with audible and visual local alerts or by phone, text, email or internet. 

Computer Systems, Networking, Service and Support
Naturally, a lot of today's technology lives within the realm of workstations, servers and networks.  Part of insuring we deliver a reliable and functional solution to meet your needs can often involve making sure your entire network is properly designed and functioning at peak performance.  For 3 decades The King Corporation has been providing quality computers, networking and support to all sizes and types of entities.  

Complete Website Services

Complete Website Services
When we brought our own business on line years back we found the components of creating an on line presence for a business to be too expensive and too complicated.  There was a lot of stuff out there but not many complete solutions most businesses could afford.  As with every problem we encounter, a serious amount of research lead to some practical, reliable and affordable solutions for having an internet presence.  Click on the Complete Website Services link to find all of the pieces of the internet puzzle in one understandable, affordable place.  




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